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Fall 2009 Fabrics






   Ivy Reed offers both sewn fabric scarves and hand knit cord scarves.

   Fabric scarves are made from the same hand-dyed rayons offered in our collection.

   Hand knit scarves are knit from strips of our rayons.

  Shown here: Keyhole scarf layered with a knit cord scarf.





Style #4401

Keyhole Scarf

Approx. 8" x 42"


  Each scarf has a keyhole stitched at one end and the other end is threaded through it.

   If you give the keyhole a twist and thread the end through a second time, it locks in place making it perfect for wearing in your hair.

   Machine wash delicate; tumble dry.

Available in all rayons and rayon crinkles.




Style #4403

Hand Knit Cord Scarves

Approx. 86" long including fringe

     Scrunchy, packable scarves.  Pack and go.  These scarves are made from rayon batik strips recycled from the making of our clothing.

Wrap it, loop it, wear it as a belt (perfect with our ruanas).

   Hand knit. 

   Hand washable.  Hang to dry.

Available in all rayons and rayon crinkles.





Style #4404

Short Neck Scarf

Approx. 8" x 42 "

   Straight, short batik scarf is perfect for wraping around the neck, for tying at the neck, buckling, or just hanging open.

   The perfect length to tie on a straw hat.

Available in all rayons and rayon crinkles.

   Machine wash; tumble dry.



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